My New Audio Books

Several of my books are now audio books. These include: Jesus Saved my Baby’s Life (a true story of how Jesus warned me in a dream that I was pregnant and not to have surgery); True Haunting (a true story of haunting tales handed down in our family.); Haunted House (based on a true story); Poetry Riddles-(A series of different riddles. The next one being Biblical Poetry Riddles); Within twenty days, Sex of the Worst Kind will be out as audio. Soon to come afterward are Baby and Meow, and A Journey with Gnome. 


My New AudioBooks

I now have several audio books for sale on These include: Jesus Saved my baby’s Life; Angel Doll Poetry; and True Haunting. Haunted House is in the process of being made into one. If you are pro-life please listen to the book, Jesus Saved my Baby’s Life. This happened while he was in the womb, so don’t tell me that God is not concerned with a fetus. I pray daily that someone from Planned Parenthood will read or listen to it. True Haunting is a story of hauntings that were handed down through my family. Haunted House is based on true incidents of a demonic possession. Angel Doll Poetry is a couple of story poems for small children.Sex of the worst Kind is also in the process of becoming an audio book. It may sound sexual, but it is not graphic. This also has religious overtones, and stresses that the best sex is that which is honored by the Christian Bible and God.

Women of the Bible

It is true that Adam was created first, and made in the image of God. Eve was made in Adam’s image, and was made by God taking his rib. The rib may have acted as a womb. Anyway, she was his helper, and not his slave. Neither was she less in worth than he.

Adam and Eve were placed together in the garden, and given the same job, that is to trim the garden. Adam did name the animals, but he did so before she was made. I know this because God brought the animals to Adam to see if he wanted any of them for his mate. None were suitable for him, and with good reason. God knew this, of course, but he wanted Adam to see that animals were never meant to be mates to humans.

Eve did sin second in line; the snake animal being the first one to sin. The animals received the worst punishment, I think. They are really under the dominion  of humans. Eve’s punishment was a little harsher than Adam’s, I think. It lasted a long time.

However, after Jesus came to restore all things, both the animals’ and women’s cases have improved. Little by little, he is restoring things to the way they were in the beginning. Today, most slaves have been freed; women are equal with men; and animals are being treated humanely.

Equality does not necessarily mean men and women are made the same. They are not physically made the same. Most men are stronger. They seem to be rougher and tougher. There are many women who are just as strong as men and just as tough. The biggest majority are not, though, unless they train to be so.

Women still have the babies. Men make the babies, hypothetically. Most men do not shave their legs and other parts; whereas most women do. Most women won’t grow beards. They are equal but separate beings.

Cats are not dogs, and dogs are not pigs, but all of these animals are great. Each type has its value. Who can say that a cat is better than a dog? They are  different; yet have their own places in society. One is no better or no less than the other one.

Women are just as smart as men are. Some say they are more intelligent than men. They have done everything, except produce sperm, that men have. Men, on the other hand, can not carry a baby in his body. Both jobs of producing and having babies are equally important.

Women need equal pay for equal jobs. That’s only fair. Women work on jobs now, so why shouldn’t men cook and clean house? Women swear and curse just like the men do. Some chase men just as some men chase women.

After all of this is said and done, are women better off than they were centuries ago when they had very few of these things? Are men better off since the women got their total equality?

I personally would like to have the best of both worlds, but none of the worst. I want total freedom to do as I please. Yet, I miss how men used to tip their hats when they saw women; how they once opened the doors for them; the days when a man would not let a woman lift something heavy; and how they once made the money, handed it to us, and we spent it. To me, those were the good old days.

How wonderful would it be, women, if we got equal pay, equal freedom, and yet, were treated as ladies used to be treated? Men would, of course, turn around and demand that we stay home, cook, clean, and have babies all of the time. They would stop at the bars and clubs after a hard day of work, and we would be expected to smile and welcome them into our arms, alcoholic smelling breath and all.

The world is a better, safer place in most ways. Perhaps, we can each give a little. Men start opening doors for your wives again. Oh, you probably still do it for other women. Pull your wife’s chair out for her at the dinner table. Lift the heavy things.Take her out on a date. And, watch your language around her.

Women, have dinner on the table when hubby comes home, even if you have worked on a job all day. Watch your language around him. Act respectful again in all aspects of your day. But, keep your freedom to think, to speak with dignity, to learn, and to be paid the same as he is for a job.

Let us all thank God for sending Jesus to restore all things. However, I do not think this restoration gives any of us the license to kill or harm any other human or animal. We should never harm an animal unless it is for food or self defense, and then do it as painlessly as possible.

It would be even greater if none of the animals were harmed, and the world had enough of other food to survive happily. This will never be in our imperfect world. When Jesus rules the earth for his 1000 years, perhaps things will be different. The bible says-during that time that if one kills an ox, it will be as if he killed a man.

Yes, the bible shows many respectful and some disrespectful and harmful things that have happened to women, but in the New Testament Mary was awarded the job of bringing a Savior into the world. No man has ever received such a honor. Women labored in the gospel because Paul said to help those women that labored in the gospel. Both men and women now have only one wife or husband at a time, but they have the same laws when it comes to marriage and divorce.

Men, be proud to be a man, but never act as though you are better than the women. Women, be proud of being a woman, but do not use this to belittle men or to make them feel inferior. Good luck to us all.


My Books In Print

I have recently had my books made in the printed form with Createspace. These books include: A Journey with Gnome; (9781514626640) Loving an Alien; (9781514664247) and Haunted House; (9781514626528)

These are in the process: Sex of the Worst Kind; (9781514699058) True Haunting; (9781514708736) and Jesus Saved my Baby’s Life. (Hasn’t received ISBN yet)

Here are my thoughts of the print-on-demand publishers that I use. Booktango is free, but sell services.  I felt pressure from them to have a website  with them for only books. Their price was higher than other sites that I could use for other things also. However, they do pay you. Covers through them are reasonable. They do give you a normal ISBN that can be found in search.

Book Country is nice. Their book covers are a little cheaper or about the same as Booktango. They are under the same umbrella. I did one book with them, but so far haven’t received any money. They do not pressure you to do anything.  They do give you a normal ISBN and you can find your book by putting it in search.

Nook Press is also nice. Their platform is very easy to use. They do not pressure you to do anything else, either. Recently, they are offering print books, at a fee. I suppose they do other services now, too. I wish they had a cover creator though. My biggest fault with Nook Press is that they give you just an identifying number instead of the ISBN. You can not find your book in search through their number.

Google Books and Google Play is a nice place to sell your books, epub and pdf format. Google leaves you alone, and I have noticed that he helps you get in the top of the search engine faster. I see him so much on my computer that he seems like my big brother. The biggest fault I have publishing with him is that he gives you no ISBN, just a long number to identify your book by. In Google, you can fix your book your way, good, bad, or ugly. I just wish he would get the ISBN for each book. Come on, Google, get in the groove, and do it.

Self-publishing is fun, but it is hard to make money at it. Most publishers want you to spend money, when you are there to make money; not spend what you have.

Kindle Direct Publishing is easy to work with. You can upload your book as is, as long as it meets certain criteria, and you can use their cover creator. It makes nice covers to. They only do ebooks.

CreateSpace, KDP print partner is harder to work with. They want the print book at its best, which is good, but frustrating also. They do not charge to do any of it. And, they have a great cover creator. They also give you an ISBN, and put your book in Books in Print. I just wish they had a larger selection of pictures for your covers, and also some for the interior of your book. They will do designs for you, if you can afford to do this. I also wish they would put your books in bookstores.

Self-published authors will never receive the respect that they deserve until their publishers start giving them ISBNs and get their print books in physical book stores. Some places (even libraries) will not give you a signing if they know you are not in the book stores. So, come on, Writers, let’s demand they at least try to get our books in the physical book stores.

ACX is a great place to do your audiobooks.  They put the tools there, and let you go at it. If you need support, they are there for that also. They gave me promo coupons to download 25 free books; something none of my print publishers have done so far. I do wish they had a cover creator. Keep up the good work, ACX.

I have the biggest problem with putting links on my websites. They never seem to work. Also, will someone tell me how do I get pictures of my covers (the ones I make on cover creators or the publisher designs) to put on my websites? Can I just copy it from the books and then paste it on my sites? They would be so much easier to sell if I had pictures of them. That goes for Zazzle products also.